Slava Nikolaev (Deutschland)

S. Nikolaev

Curriculum vitae
Born in 1960 in the old Russian city of Bryansk
1985 — Degree in Design at the College of Modern Technologies.
1988 — Publication of the first cartoons in the American newspaper
1989 — Illustrations for the international book project
«Social Ecology Union-Peo Erica»
1990 — the first international exhibition in Tampere / Finland
1990 — 1996 Freelance artist, cartoonist and book illustrator in Russia Graphic designer and designer
in the Russian newspaper «Bryansk Time»
1996 — Relocation to Germany.
Since that time graphic artist and caricaturist in the Russian-speaking media company
«Russkaja Germanjia» in the Axel Springer house
1997 — Comics series «Psychologist and patient» for the famous psychotherapist Prof. Jürgen Junk
University Nuremberg
1998 — cartoonist competition «Caricature» in Mainz
1999 — painter competition «Art Automobile» of the AKB — bank / Cologne
1999 — Article in the magazine «The MAGAZINE»
1999 — Publication of a series of postcards at the greeting card publisher Joker / Berlin
2000 — 2001 Set Decorator and Master of Signature Pictures at
Jean-Jaques Annoud’s Hollywood — Blockbuster «Enemy at the gates»
2001 — Set Decorator and Master of Signature Pictures on Ishtvan Szabo’s film «Taking Sides»
2002 — Associate Art Department of Roman Polanski’s film «The Pianist» and the Art Department in
(Films «Joe and Max» and «Big Team»)
2003 — Exhibition «My View of Neukölln» in the city hall Neukölln of Berlin
2005 — 2006 Exhibition «Untitled Fairy Tales» in Spreebogen-Plaza
2006 — work on the new international online project «Katzenvolk»
The Saatchi Gallery,
2007 — Exhibition «Not told fairy tales»
Gallery Amita Hilton Hotel Berlin (Opening by Federal Chancellor Austria Alfred Gusenbauer)
2007 — Art auction «Face of Time» INTERNATIONAL FORUM
«Art and Culture, Economics, Politics, Science»
2008 — Exhibition «Matrix of Perfection» Gallery Amita
2009 — graphic designer and caricaturist in
Portal for European News, Backgrounds and Policy Positions
2010 — Personal exhibition in Kuwait
2010-2011 personal exhibition in Berlin
2011-2012-from 17 November 2011 to 15 February 2012 Exhibition «Moscow. Art. Berlin».
Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft, Leipziger Platz 15
2013- Thomas Olbricht -ME Collectors Room Berlin
2014- Auctionata Auction House Auctionata Beteiligungs AG Franklinstrasse 13D- 10587 Berlin,
Знакъ-Арт auction house
Kuznetsky most str 21/5, office 5000 107031, г. Moscow, Russia
2015- Museo Diogenes Taborda Av. Caseros 2739 — Ciudad de Buenos Aires — Argentina
Since 1996 — graphic designer, political cartoonist at «Russmedia Verlag GmbH» in the Axel-
Rudi Dutschke-Str. 8, 10969 Berlin
2016- Gallery Art Center Berlin
2017- Personal exhibition in Gallery Art Center Berlin
2017- Diploma 1 and 3 place. International Exhibition Contest of Contemporary Art
2018- Personal exhibition in gallery L’accent Russe Moscow


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